David can best be summed up as a “Marketing Technologist who loves Brands”.

David started his career in British American Tobacco and spent 20 years in various roles that included brand marketing, trade marketing and commercial management. This provided a very good platform for understanding the power of brands and how best to connect an audience with a brand. There are very few industries where the only differentiator between you and the competition is your brand.

From there David helped co-found an internet start-up company that helped marketing departments brief, source and fulfill marketing requirements for all the goods and services that marketing functions required to run global campaigns. Key clients included SABMiller, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, British American Tobacco, Pernod Ricard and Coca-Cola. This provided David with a very strong technology background, specifically in cloud based software and digital disruption.

David then took his knowledge of brand marketing and technology enablement and joined a small boutique consulting company in London that helped clients improve the operational efficiency of their marketing departments. This covered a wide array of different activities including media production, agency relationships, print management, merchandising sourcing, asset management, content management, MRM etc. Clients included SABMiller, Electrolux, Shell, O2 (Telefonica), Sony Ericsson, British American Tobacco and Universal Pictures.

Latterly David has headed up the marketing function as Chief Marketing Officer in a number of software companies including Capital ID, Portrait Software, Pitney Bowes Software and Tungsten Corporation. Responsibilities have included corporate marketing, product marketing and field marketing.

David has also spent approx. 15 years living abroad in places such as the Middle East, South Africa, Hungary, South Korea and the USA.

Outside interests include cycling, water skiing, kayaking, running and travel.

Please feel free to contact me directly at david@market-in360.com


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